Walailak Journal of Asian Studies  

Walailak Journal of Asian Studies

Humanities and Social Sciences Articles on All Aspects of Asia and the Asian Diasporas  


Submissions must be written in good, clearly expressed American English, as otherwise they may be returned to the author un-reviewed. The journal is likely to be relatively lenient about this in the earliest days, and in some cases (especially for Asians who are not native speakers of English) the editor may be willing to work with an author prior to review. However, the editor’s time is limited, and the expectations for good writing at the time of submission are likely to rise over time. 

Submissions of high quality manuscripts on all aspects of Asian Studies (especially the humanities and the social sciences) are welcome for future issues. Submissions should be normal length for scholarly journal articles and use the author-date referencing system of the Chicago Manual of Style, 16th edition (summaries are available on line).


Submissions should be 6,000-10,000 words.


Citations should use the Chicago Manual of Style author-date style of in-text citations pointing to a bibliography. 

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